Primary Mental Health Services

WentWest commissions Psychological Services for Vulnerable Groups through the Primary Mental Health Care service, which replaces ATAPS.

Clients are eligible for 12 sessions a year and up to 18 sessions in exceptional circumstances. People who are a risk of suicide can access 12 sessions over a three month period.

  • Financial disadvantage - Low Income earners, Health Care Card holders, Pensioners or those experiencing financial hardship
  • Lives within the western Sydney Region

  • Priority services available for people at risk of suicide
  • Services available for General Psychological treatment, Child and Youth services, Perinatal services, services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and different cultural groups, LGBTIQ and the elderly.

How to refer

  • 1

    Complete a Mental Health Treatment/Care Plan (MBS 2700, 2701, 2715 & 2717), K10, K5 (for ATSI clients) or SDQ (for children) and an PMHC Referral Form Referrals for the program must include the patient's signed consent.

  • 2

    Select an approved provider or provide information to assist WentWest to select a provider
  • 3

    Fax or Secure Message the Referral Form, Mental Health Treatment Plan, and K10, K5 or SDQ to WentWest
  • 4

    All referrals are triaged by a Clinical or Senior Psychologist to determine eligibility
  • 5

    The referring GP and nominated provider will be notified of the triage and referral outcome

What happens next?

Once the referral is processed the referral information will be forwarded to the psychologist and the client will receive a call from the Psychologist to arrange an appointment. WentWest will send the referring GP a letter outlining the outcome of the referral.
After 6 sessions, the psychologist will send the referring GP a progress report and a recommendation for further sessions (if appropriate). The GP is required to sign the progress report and return to WentWest for an additional 6 sessions to be approved.
After 12 session the psychologist will submit a final report to the GP or request an additional 6 sessions under exceptional circumstances.
ACN 099 255 103
ABN 80 099 255 106

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