Mental Health Nurse programs

The WentWest Mental Health Nurse Programs (MHNP) offers the opportunity for patients with severe and persistent mental illness to receive individually tailored clinical nurse services, case management, outreach support and coordinated care with a Mental Health Nurse (MHN).
There is no limit to the amount of sessions a patient can utilise and the duration of sessions can be for a period of up to two years, enabling extensive case management throughout the course of an episode of mental illness.
Mental Health Nurses provide such services as:
  • Periodic reviews of patient’s mental states
  • Medication monitoring and management
  • Information on physical healthcare to patients and;
  • Integrated services from general practitioners and allied health workers (such as psychologists) including arranging access to interventions from other health care professionals when these are required.
The Mental Health Nurse may also involve case management and family therapy to prevent relapse, it may involve long term supportive psychotherapy, or, in a more acute situation, it may involve monitoring of MSE and medications.
MHN’s will coordinate clinical care to complement the patients chosen journey of recovery, whilst working in collaboration with the general practitioner.

How to refer

  • 1

    Complete a Mental Health Treatment/Care Plan (MBS 2700, 2701, 2715 & 2717), K10, K5 (for ATSI clients) or SDQ (for children) and an PMHC Referral Form Referrals for the program must include the patient's signed consent

  • 2

    Select an approved provider or provide information to assist WentWest to select a provider
  • 3

    Fax or Secure Message the Referral Form, Mental Health Treatment Plan, and K10, K5 or SDQ to WentWest
  • 4

    All referrals are triaged by a Clinical or Senior Psychologist to determine eligibility
  • 5

    The referring GP and nominated provider will be notified of the triage and referral outcome
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