Service Commissioning

To support this function, the Western Sydney Primary Health Network Commissioning Framework (WSPHNCF) has been designed to enhance service delivery and patient outcomes in western Sydney. The framework guides WentWest, in its role as the Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WSPHN), to effectively and efficiently meet community health needs through commissioning, integration, partnerships and advocacy.
The objectives of this Commissioning Framework are to:
  • Provide a clear and comprehensive process for the commissioning and monitoring of health services across western Sydney;
  • Ensure all programs across WSPHN follow consistent principles and processes with regards to assessment of need, development/specification of service requirements, contracting services and the review and evaluation of service delivery
  • Ensure procured programs show solid outcomes which address the identified needs;
  • Provide value for money services and initiatives;
  • Provide quality health services to meet the needs of western Sydney, in accordance with funding obligations;
  • Respond to best practice approaches across the Primary Health Networks in Australia.

In addition to these objectives, the other fundamental elements of the WSPHNCF are:
  • Appropriate staffing and organisational structure to assist in achieving the above objectives;
  • Well-developed commissioning processes to ensure consistency and quality of setup and delivery of commissioned services;
  • Efficient systems to support the commissioning activities;
  • Appropriate payment models including payment for outcomes;
  • Experienced Commissioning Advisory Groups to oversee commissioning activities and provide best practice guidance and recommendations.
To support this function WentWest has created the Tenderlink portal, a site accessible for local organisations and health providers to apply for tenders, grants and other service opportunities which respond to identified needs.
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