Chronic & Complex Conditions

Among the focus for WentWest and its partners including WSLHD, has been the development of strategies which seek to address such conditions through better coordination and integration of services between the primary community and acute sectors.

Western Sydney Integrated Care: Better Health Together

Targeting diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiovascular disease and asthma among other conditions has been a priority for WentWest and this evolved through a multifaceted approach across all levels of the system. Central to much of this work has been the flagship, Western Sydney Integrated Care Demonstrator: Better Health Together which seeks to achieve better health outcomes by enhancing system coordination.


With Western Sydney regarded as a diabetes hotspot, the need for a coordinated and whole of system approach to its prevention and management was recognised by the community. Working in partnership, WentWest along with WSLHD, consumers, and health professionals established the Western Sydney Diabetes Alliance to reduce the burden of the condition.
Among a number of strategies adopted by the region has been the launch of a Case Conferencing initiative, aiding local GPs in the management of diabetic patients. Participating practices have access to diabetes clinical staff including endocrinologists, registrars and diabetes educators.

Western Sydney Diabetes - American Diabetes Association TV Network Video

Additional measures to tackle diabetes include:
  • Primary Care Nurse Education Program
    Offering nurses within local practices extended training in diabetes management to enhance the support of GPs in the ongoing management of their patients.
  • Western Sydney Diabetes Support Group

    A monthly Diabetes Support Group is available for local consumers and carers living with diabetes. Each meeting focusing on a different aspect of diabetes management and features a guest speaker.

    For more information on the next Diabetes Support Group meeting email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


WentWest in partnership with Asthma Foundation Queensland and NSW, facilitates Giving Asthma Support to Patients (GASP) – a new online training tool to support primary care nurses in the region. The program utilises web based clinical assessment and decision supporting technology designed for the improved management of asthma. Complementing evidence-based accredited training, the GASP tool uses a sophisticated set of rules and logic, handling various combinations of lung function, asthma control and risk to develop individualised patient asthma care plans.
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