Aged Care

In western Sydney, the aged population is projected to grow by 2% p.a compared to 1.2% for NSW for the period 2011 to 2021, including a 40% increase in people aged 65-plusi.

Accessing help and support services for an older person

All Aged Care services can be accessed through the My Aged Care website or by calling 1800 200 422.
Download the My Aged Care brochure which provides more information about the services and access. Resources in other languages are also available on the website.
View the Case study videos to share with older people, their families, friends and carers.


Dementia is recognised as one of the National Health Priorities. Younger Onset Dementia is an emerging group of patients and they can face unique challenges requiring a skilled workforce to support them and their families. WSPHN is working in partnership with the Western Sydney Dementia Strategy Implementation Group (WSDSIG) to increase awareness on dementia and improve the care of those affected by dementia and their caregivers.

Falls Prevention – Strength and Balance in Older People

Older people are at a higher risk of having a fall and going to hospital because of a fall. The reasons can range from having less muscle strength, impaired vision or incorrect medications. WSPHN is part of the WSLHD Healthy Older People Partnership (HOPP) which aims to prevent falls by ensuring older people can maintain strength and balance through evidence based exercises.

Mental Health of Older People

Older people can experience mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety due to poor physical health, loss of loved ones and not having a strong social or family network. Persistent and untreated mental health conditions can lead to poorer health outcomes. Health service providers are well positioned to identify older people and carers who may need additional support and referrals to services.

Palliative Care

Palliative and End of Life Care (PEoLC) is the provision of care which helps improve quality of life by managing pain and other symptoms for people as they approach the end of life. Palliative care also provides emotional, practical, social and spiritual support to the patient, family members or carers. A GP can advise on how access services through the local health district.
Palliative Care Home Support Packages (PEACH) program provides home care packages to patients in the last days of life to enable support in dying at home. Advance Care Planning involves the patient discussing with their family and health practitioner how they would like to be treated in situations where they cannot speak for themselves. Advance Care Directive (ACD) is a written and recorded statement of wishes which is legally binding. Endorsement by a medical practitioner is recommended but not essential.
For further information and support, call Decision Assist Palliative Care Phone Advisory Service - 1300 668 908
i: Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD)
ACN 099 255 103
ABN 80 099 255 106

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