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Strategic Plan

Consumer Centric Shared Values

Patients, carers and families engaged in improving their health outcomes.
Improve equity and access for underserved and disadvantaged communities.
Implementation of the Consumer and Community Engagement Framework and Council.
Improve health literacy through effective engagement and communication.

Strategy Development & Innovation

Undertaking regional needs assessment and planning.
Meeting needs through a best practice commissioning framework.
Leading best practice integrated care, extending into new models for health/social care.
Explore and implement models of funding that promote ‘value over volume’.

General Practice & Primary Care Development

Maintaining deep knowledge and engagement with GPs and health care professionals
Driving and supporting data driven quality improvement practices and data linkage initiatives to enhance population health.
Advocating and supporting innovation in primary care through Patient Centred Medical Home principles and their development.
Fostering clusters of GP practices and allied health providers to improve capability, capacity and team based approaches to care.

Strengthening Partnerships & Developing Workforces

Improve integration and coordination of patient care in partnership with consumers.
Investing in workforce development with a focus on strengthening team based approaches to care.
Collaboration with public, private and non-for-profit sector organisations.
Understanding workforce and service provider needs; developing sustainable solutions for western Sydney.

System Enablers & Scalable Infrastructure

Expanding roll out of prioritised, evidence based clinical pathways (HealthPathways).
Collecting and reporting data for continuous improvement, safety and quality.
Drive meaningful use of eHealth systems such as digital, MyHR and LinkedEHR.
Strengthening Integrated Care governance structures and systems of primary care including system financing.

Organisational Excellence

Foster the ongoing performance, development, engagement and diversity of our people.
Ensuring sustainable and other financial outcomes, monitoring performance.
Organisational design that promotes strategically scalable operations and strong corporate governance.
Established quality systems, achieving certification and quality assurance.
Effective communication and advocacy. The voice of primary health care in western Sydney and beyond.
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